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Introductory Subscription prices

Audience Cost
School £348 plus VAT per year
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6 months FREE access

£295 plus VAT per year

real PE logo £295 plus VAT per year


To promote or purchase BURSTS to your network of schools, please contact Tim Dancer and visit here to find out more.

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real PE is a unique child centred approach that transforms how we teach PE. Our real PE members qualify for discounted purchases as a member benefit and our real PE legacy members, who have the highest level of support available, qualify for further benefits.

BURSTS will be valuable to real PE members and to schools we have yet to work with. Find out more about real PE here.


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In order to use BURSTS, a Wonde connection is required. Wonde connects and synchronises your BURSTS dashboard with the information inside your school’s MIS (i.e., SIMS, Arbor) and ensures your data is safe, secure and always up to date. 

Wonde is installed in over 25,500 schools across the UK and there is no cost to the school for this service. If your school is not connected, Wonde will support you with set up.

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