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Set up, launch and celebrate

Once you have subscribed to BURSTS, you will be given access to the BURSTS dashboard. For real PE members, you will be able to access the BURSTS dashboard by clicking on the BURSTS logo on your real PE platform dashboard.

Set up and launch

To make it easy to roll out BURSTS to your families, everything you need will be emailed to you or is available in the Supporting docs folder on your BURSTS dashboard. Supporting documents include:

  • A letter about BURSTS to share with parents and carers
  • BURSTS slideshow and supporting script to share with children in an assembly with a video to show them what they can expect
  • Walkthrough videos for staff and parents
  • FAQs

Tools, templates and guides are also available in the Supporting docs folder on your BURSTS dashboard and include:

  • Celebration and reward guide
  • Activities to celebrate children’s active learning minutes
  • BURSTS experience points’ (XP) certificate
  • Behaviour badges to reward children for behaviours exhibited when playing and learning
BURSTS dashboard

Real time feedback on EVERY child’s active learning minutes, progress and rewards to show you are making a proven difference is collated on the BURSTS dashboard:

  • Increase and evidence active learning minutes out of school
  • Support and evidence progress in PE for EVERY child
  • Celebrate progress and achievement at an individual, class and school level
  • Raise the profile of PE at school and at home
  • Evidence the impact of investment

You also have the ability to segment to see impact based on Pupil Premium, SEND and EAL.

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