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What is BURSTS?

BURSTS is a Physical Education app that equips families with exciting, meaningful, personalised physical activities, giving them the confidence to enjoy playing and being active together. 

It provides ideas and support, with the aim of stimulating imagination and self-directed joyful play. BURSTS encourages, rewards and nurtures behaviours that support physical literacy leading to a life-long love and commitment to physical activity.

Nothing replaces the unstructured activity of going to the park, chasing games with other children, or travelling by a leg powered balance scooter. BURSTS supplements these activities and supports parents to help provide the essential foundations of movement confidence and competence.

We’re Jasmine’s mum and dad and we love playing together as a family.

We know how important it is to play and be active with Jasmine. It is so much fun and enjoyable to see her move, smile and giggle.

The thing is, we are so busy and don’t always know what activities or games we could be playing to help her in school and life.

BURSTS is perfect for us. As an app, it’s really easy to use and gives us short and fun challenges, games and adventures to explore inside and outside our home. We can even join in if we want to.

The dashboard shows us the progress Jasmine is making and we can celebrate with her. She loves the rewards, especially the face filters!
Jasmine has not only become more active, we’ve also seen her grow in confidence, understanding and creativity.

We hope you enjoy BURSTS as much as we do!

Inspiring kids to move, play and learn

Kid-safe: Aimed at ages 4-7

Written by Physical Education experts

Ad free

BURSTS app AR visual
Active, healthy children achieve more!
  • Thematic and fun, BURSTS helps to ensure EVERY child is inspired to move, play and learn while developing their Fundamental Movement Skills.
  • Animated and augmented reality characters come to life to guide children and demonstrate activities.
  • Help and encouragement through tips and prompts builds confidence to play and be active.

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